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Carnival 2002

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Carnival 2002: hooray for disguised people!

Galadriel welcome you in...

The one above is me with the most beautiful carnival disguise I ever had.
Thanx so much to SweetDReam for everything she did for letting me have the pleasure to wear it :)
Forget about the poses I have for these pics, all were meant to show you how beautiful the dress was, pity to the model, I know!

Cards... don't ask me why twice...

It's not my fault, is this damn system in the site, they don't allow me to post just one of them, they double it!!!
Anyway, the SpadesFour is Daniele, Ilaria's brother.
His make up is all up to me, and he really liked it!

The Hearts Figures are...

An incredible and unrecognizable LockeMaster (double wow man!!!!)and his sister (we wanted Zoster there too, but he was too afraid and he has banned me from posting his lightweight!)

Ladies and Gentlemen.. EVEREST!

Viola's dog.
Viola is the beautiful girlfriend of Daniele, but she doesn't want me to post her pic.. she was dressed as a wonderful cat though, while Everest, in her mind, should have been Dracula.
Now, everyone named the dog in ten millions way, but none recognized the disguise as Dracula's...
Anyway, Everest has been the true star of the parade!

The wonderful dress again...

I have to say it was geniously made cos it was at once royal and simple, comforting but shaping perfectly the body.. really Elvish style, and perfect for the aim. She keeps saying she's sorry for it's not white, but who cares? It was great to wear it.
I know, I know, I don't look like a Queen, but it's not the disguise, it's me the one to be blamed ;)

Rui Forever dressed as....

Honestly.. I can't say.
No one can, but she was adorable and everyone liked her idea.
Ilaria especially.
Thank you for allowing me posting this Cami, you are the greatest!

Ilaria and I, before getting ready

I post this one cos the way we smile here is the best, even if she's not fully ready .
Her disguise is the ladybird.
She had to be Gandalf, then she realized it wouldn't have been that great to get to a party .. wearing a long white beard ;)
Luv you dear!

Left to right, MadameCurie, MissCool, LauGreTT

Before they entered Maracana and took out their coats, showing their disguises.
THIS is the only pic they'll let me post, and it's absurd, cos all say and think they were stunning with their disguises.
Laure was dressed as Aragorn under the red coat, now I am sorry you won't see it.
But I'll try to change her mind, one day...


It's the greatest period of the year!!!
I will always love to impersonate other people of other times, with dresses I could never wear otherwise.
My spirit gets enlightened when I can put myself in long, ancient dresses... aaaawwwwwwwww!

I hate this pic, so look only at the dress again, and at my hair maybe...

Don't know what happened, but that's not even my face almost!!!!
What kind of stupid expression I was wearing there?
I was telling to the one who took the pic to wait, and that's the result.. I have the mout in the ugliest position ever!
Oh well, but look at the dress.. oh, my, I so love it!!!
Oh, and the hair are real.. no wigs there, they are all mines ;)

Hopefully, new pics are coming soon...

Don't be shy mates, let me put them online.
Don't be shy, camon...
If I put the one above up, and really i look horrid there, you should not fear either, just have fun in showing disguises.. THAT'S Carnival, after all!!!!