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Florence Creek

You've been my friends all time throught...

.. and you will always be, wherever I am gonna live.

Chiara, Monia,Lucia and Me at Laurea's Party Oct.2001

Me and Ila at Final's National Cup 2001

Me and Monia at Laurea's Party

Me and Roses for Laurea's Party

ValeBallini, Ila, Elisa and ValeSpagnolo at Women's Day 2001

Monia Chiara Lucia Ilaria and Daniela at 14!

With the Boys ready to dance! (Almost...:) )

At Summer Pijama's Party (I am the one with the yellow pijama)
Down above and below,there are some pics from my early days as well... you'll notice how some people are stay there, always Locke, Zoster, MisterCool and RuiForever
Me and Ila riding Puddy and Helen MisterCool and MissCool
RuiForever With SecondarySchoolTeam (a bit hided putting high face)
Chris and Karin (from Switzerland) and the two Valentinas Me and Venere (Monia's cat)
Me at 1 !!! Me at 2 with Sabrina and Cinzia (and mum!)
Monia and I ready to see Fiorentina at Florence stadium, 2002 (a pain, sniff...) Such a beautiful Stadium, for such crappy team this year (2002 renewed pain...)