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If I believe in love among different people....'s cos you have showed me no matter from which Country one is, to meet others is always a mervellous experience. I love you all, and some of you, I love till a no limit point :) you know :)

A wonderful day with a wonderful person in such a wonderful town you couldn't guess:)

Can't wait to repeat it soon!

There are those people you meet, and you know they are not quite the rest of the people you can meet in your life.

Micke is belonging to this cathegory: after meeting him, everyone can just thank above sure that God exists, and shows Himself often through human beings' efforts.

Thank you for everything you shared and keep on sharing with me, you know in a way you changed the whole of my life approaches... and I am so happy you did :)

Me and Micke on Ponte Vecchio when he was in Florence:)
You have to get here back soon sweetie, you know this don't you?

The Town is missing your genious, and not only that:)

Now let's welcome the sweetest creatures ever :)or something:)

Chris and Karin from Switzerland when they came visiting me in 2001, one of the greatest series of days in my life, with two lovely persons I can't wait to meet again :)

Sweet people can look though, or have as passion for instance something considered not femalish as riding motorbikes BUT.. what matters stays in their hearts and this black haired girl, I can assure you, is the warmest woman you could ever meet.

I am happy and proud to know her, cos whenever she speaks she can enlight my mind.

Luv you dear!

I asked Paul (AKA "googs") to send me some pics also hinting at his incredibly funny mood he generally shows to all of us... Well he did ;) didn't he?

This Canadian guy is not only funny I can tell you, he's tender and smart and you would love to know him:)

I definitely do:)

Here you can find a bit more about Paul alongside some others, so click on his face and see!The Unknown Artist But Not For a Longtime Page