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Hey! I told you I love to meet people from all Countries!

Pity not all of them want me to put their pics online ;)

As you may notice, lots of my foreign friends love music so here's an homage I made to some of them
The Unknown Artist But Not For a Longtime Page

Here with Travis' bassplayer, Henry, a handsome person who for me is the pure celebration of Romance.

He's with a girl from Canada, the lovely Sinath, and he's from USA, and still he's so tender and brave he has been able to make this uneasy relationship work greatly, all due to his powerful feelings, and his admirable will to keep things going well.

I admire him massively, and I am honoured to know him :)

Daniel, from Brazil, whose heart shines as brilliantly as a diamond hit by pure light.

He thaught me what matters in life, and thanx to him too I came to basilar choices in my life lately.

So no matter how far away we are, no matter how often we interact, I carry him within my soul everywhere I go.

NorthCountryBoy from California, recording some of his demos: a man who lives his life in music in the real sense of the term, and a very warm person :)

Gecko (Chris, but the nickname is so cool it isn't?) with bro and bandmates having the usual fun together.

From Canada, with all nicest qualities (you couldn't guess from the pic, I know ;)! )

Sweet and Cute
Lasse and Lady at a lovely dinner out in great November 2001.
They are amazing people. Really :)

Alan keeps the mood up in Welsh land by playing his guitar :)
This guy knows how much it takes to grow up while things you think they count seem to be the curse of your days.

You're a strong, worthing, wise one dear: keep it up being the way you are, always!
Friendship is the greatest thing: always keep this in mind!